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2nd Grandmaster C. S. Kim Cup 

Posted December 5, 2014


The 2nd Grandmaster C. S. Kim Cup was held November 27th - 30th in Colimo, Mexico.  ITF Mexico raised $1,120.00 for the ITF Training Center Fundraising efforts.  Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim would like to thank the hosts for sponsoring the weekend events and for its success.  



Michigan Masters Promotion Ceremony

Posted December 5, 2014


On November 22, 2014, the Michigan Masters Promotion ceremony was held at Fenton Karate.  Promoting to Master was Sara Thompson and Robert Sword.  Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim was would like to thank Masters Mike Cerrito, Anthony Husted, Jerry Dollinger, Ray Johnson and Kyo Sa Dana Bumstead for the promotion ceremony.  He would also like to thank them for their continued Tang Soo Do spirit and support of our traditional and original Tang Soo Do through your Black Belts.  


Choong Jae Nim visits Watauga, Texas

Posted December 5, 2014


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim and Technical Advisory Committee Chairman Master YD Kim visited Master Rick Garwood's school in Watauga, TX on November 19, 2014.  Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim thanks Master Garwood for his warm welcome.  He was also very happy to see Master Garwood's students training and sweating hard.  



Welcome Back Kyo Sa Nim William and Yennie Ince!

Posted November 28, 2014


Special Message from Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim


Welcome back Kyo Sa Nim William and Yennie Ince!  It was wonderful visiting your dojang in The Woodlands, Texas on November 20th with Technical Adivsory Committee Chairman Master YD Kim.  I was very impressed with your school.  I am so happy to see your great attitude and sprit.  You have an unconditional attitude and sprit with this authentic Tang Soo Do.  We are very enthusiastic to welcome you back!

ITF Training Center Fundraising Tournament

Posted November 14, 2014


Special Message from Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim


For the fundraising tournament held in Monroeville, PA on November 8th, I would like to give special recognition for those out of town masters/instructors.  First, I especially thank Vice-President Master Joe Goss for his continued support and presence.  I would also like to thank Master Ron Heller (Altoona), Masters David and Kathy Josefik (Phillipsburg), and Master Tim Keller (Bedford) for your Tang Soo spirit and support in the future of our International Tang Soo Do Federation through the upcoming Training Center.


During the fundraising tournament, we had a memorable promotions ceremony for black belts and masters.  This was a rare and special day because Master Joe Bruno received his 8th degree black belt.  


The tournament itself was a unique one because I saw family and friends not leaving their seats, fixated on the competition throughout the day.  I believe competitors and non-competitors enjoyed the brief moment together on that day.  

Again, I would like to congratulate everyone on their promotions and tournament participation.  All the efforts are for our future Training Center.  Tang Soo!

ITF Training Center Fundraising Tournament - Maryland
Posted October 21, 2014


The Maryland tournament on October 18th was a great learning experience for all participants.  Master Mark Pagano worked very hard to host a successful event.  Thank you Master Pagano for all of your efforts, and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE EXTRA DONATION OF THE RENTAL FEE!

Michigan Masters + Instructors Seminar + Examination

Posted October 14, 2014


To all School Owners, Masters and Instructors,


We had a good time last weekend, October 11-12, in Michigan.  I was very happy and proud everyone took the seminar and examination very seriously.  I was watching the many 3rd Dans and Masters and could see you have all been practicing this way of authentic Tang Soo Do.  I would like to see that you continue to practice this authentic Tang Soo Do along with any small corrections made from the Technical Adivsory Committee.  I want you to keep practicing yourself and continue helping others.  When I see you next year, you can make me surprised because you are fantastic!


I would also like to mention the promotion ceremony that took place during this event.  Congratulations to Master Anthony Husted who promoted to O Dan and Gregory Duncan and Joshua Husted who promoted to Sa Dan.  


I want you to understand our practice and teaching purpose.  You know and I know this authentic Tang Soo Do teaches us to become better human beings - not how many boards we can break.  I hope everybody had a good trip back home. Have good practicing!


Thank you, Master Cerrito, for hosting this wonderful event and for making all the arrangements for the gym and hotel.  


We are planning the next Masters Seminar for School Owners, Masters, Instructors, and Assisstant Instructors and Masters Testing in Las Vegas, NV.


Tang Soo!


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim

Brown's Martial Arts Earns Business of the Month!

Posted August 22, 2014


Congratulations to Sa Bom Nim LaBaron Brown located in East Point, Georgia! Brown's Martial Arts became Business of the Month in August for Downtown East Point, GA.  The International Tang Soo Do Federation is proud of Sa Bom Nim Brown and his achievements.


Please click on the link below to view the article on Brown's Martial Arts. 

Dan Classing Championship Results

Posted August 11, 2014


All Masters Promotions, Dan Promotions and Recertifications are now posted. Congratulations to all those who tested! The hard work and dedication I saw left me with a very good feeling.  You should all feel extremely proud of your accomplishments.  


For those who tested for 4th Dan, keep practicing as if you are a beginning student.  Be humble about your promotion and continue to show good Tang Soo Do Spirit.


For those who tested for high rank, you tested beautifully.  You now have more responsibility.  Having a higher rank means that you must be a better example to your juniors, especially by demonstrating good attitude, spirit and respect. Being a respected senior member takes thoughtful practice.   


For those who tested for Kyo Sa, congratulations because you are now a certified instrutor.  You are very important because you represent your school and its members.  You must show patience and a good attitude.  If a student asks you a question, you need to demonstrate happiness that they asked a question.  Encourage your students to ask questions.  Remember that being a certified instructor does not mean that you are the best.  We are always learning to be better than who we are.  


Congratulations and TANG SOO!


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim


New Certified Referees and Judges

Posted August 4, 2014


Congratulations to the newly certified Referees and Judges!  You now have a big responsibility as officials for Tang Soo Do.  You will soon be receiving your card and armband from your instructor.  Do not lose them - there will be a charge to replace them!  Try to attend as many events as possible to gain more experience.  Make sure you have your card with you to get signed when you re-certify at the next World Championship in Texas in 2016.


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim

Technical Advisory Committee UPDATE 

Posted July 29, 2014


Congratulations to newly appointed Technical Advisory Committee members:


Master Annette Salles - GERMANY,

Master Kerry Roudebush - FT. WAYNE, INDIANA

Master Michael Cerrito - FLINT, MICHIGAN

40th National All Martial Arts Championship

Hosted by: C. S. Kim Karate, Inc.

Gateway High School Sports Complex, Monroeville, PA


Congratulations to all those who competed in the 40th National All Martial Arts Championship hosted by C. S. Kim Karate, Inc.  

Training Center Fundraising Tournament

Central Karate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Posted May 3, 2014


Congratulations to all those who competed in the Training Center Fundraising Tournament held at Sa Bom Nim Sean Kennedy's school, Central Karate, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Thank you to all surrounding schools for showing your support by attending this event.  

Black Belt Testing & Recertification

ITF Headquarters, Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Posted April 29, 2014


The Spring Black Belt Testing and Recertifications were held April 27th.  Results are now posted!  Please check your school to see results.  

Color Belt & Black Belt ITF Training Center Fundraising Seminar in Odenton, MD

Synergy Martial Arts, Odenton, Maryland

Hosted by: Master Derek DePaolis, Master Albert Oon, Master Mark Pagano, Master Robert & Donna Wells, Master Diane Prislupsky and Master Sam Harbison

Posted April 16, 2014


It was good to see all instructors and students of all different color belts in Maryland on April 12, 2014.  Thank you to Technical Advisory Committee members Master Joseph Bruno, Master Patrick Leach, Master Dean Kelly, Master Robert Venturino and Master Mark Pagano for your hard work.  Your teaching helped many during the seminar.  


It was wonderful to see all of the instructors working hard together.  I thank you for showing me the care and respect you have for each other.  Thank you for your help in our continued efforts towards building our Training Center.  


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim

Michigan Area Color Belt & Black Belt ITF Training Center Fundraising Seminar

Flushing Karate School, Flushing, Michigan

Hosted by: Master Jerry Dollinger

Posted April 6, 2014


After coming back from the Fundraising Seminar in the Michigan area on April 5, 2014, I am feeling very appreciative once again. There has been tremendous growth since a few years ago when we held an All Belts Seminar. I came back from Michigan with great confidence and determination. The growth that I saw comes from the efforts of the school owners and masters. I saw school owners, masters and senior belts practicing togetherness. Seeing this unity reminds of what I always say, "Two is better than one." The determination I witnessed made me think about how if you want to drink water, you will dig until you find the water. As your Choong Jae Nim, my wish to all of you is to stick together and help each other. Thank you for your leadership and the enthusiasm you demonstrated for our training center.



Special thanks goes to Master Jerry Dollinger. Thank you for your hard work and for letting us use your wonderful school. Many instructors, including myself, were very impressed with your dojang and wish you good luck. Tang Soo!


I would also like to say thank you to Master Kerry Roudebush in Fort Wayne, Indiana for your participation with your students.


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim

Latin American Seminar & Promotion Testing

Panama City, Panama

Hosted by: Masters Diogenes Robolt, Dedalo Crespo, Jose DeLeon and Kyo Sa Nim Manrique Vargas Acuna

Posted March 25, 2014


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim, General Secretary Master Joseph Bruno, and Technical Advisory Committee Chairman Master Y.D. Kim would like to congratulate Masters Diogones Robolt, Dedalo Crespo, Croimain Roberson, and Kyo Sa Manrique Vargas Acuna for a successful hosting of the seminars and black belt examinations. ITF Latin America will continue to flourish and prosper with Tang Soo Do spirit and enthusiasm.

Child Safety Program

Fundraising Tournament

CCAC Boyce Campus

Monroeville, PA

Hosted by: C. S. Kim Karate Schools

Posted February 27, 2014


On February 15, 2014, C. S. Kim Karate Schools hosted a fundraising tournament for the Child Safety Program.  Thanks goes out to all those who participated in this event and to the Masters and Black Belts who helped referee and judge.  


Below is a summary of the money raised by participants from various schools:


Technical Advisory Committee Training

Posted January 20, 2014

The Technical Advisory Committee (T.A.C.), with the guidance of Choong Jae Nim, focused on numerous Gup level fundamentals and requirements.  Committee members also addressed many ITF students' inquiries on one-step sparring and self defense.  The next upcoming T.A.C. meeting and information will be announced.  
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