Message from Choong Jae Nim

At this time, I was planning to rest, relax and concentrate on the practice of traditional Tang Soo Do. However, my dream of building a Training Center for all martial artists is becoming a reality. When an animal dies (lion, tiger, etc.) they leave nothing. Even their fur will not last forever. What will you leave when you die? This Training Center will not only be part of my legacy, but for all of you as well. It is something special that we can all leave for the next generation. Therefore, I cannot sit down and relax.  I will be working closely with many of the school owners and instructors over the next several months and years to support fundraising efforts for this project.


I hope you will join all of us in making this dream a reality.  Your rewards will be achieved when your grandchildren realize this superior opportunity to train with martial artists from all over the world in one area!


I would like to give my thanks to all those who have already dedicated their time and effort towards this goal. I am proud to see so many people demonstrating their fantastic Tang Soo Do spirit! I feel confident that my dream will be your reality because of all of you.




Chong Jae Nim


Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim

Founder & President

International Tang Soo Do Federation

3955 Monroeville Boulevard

Monroeville, PA 15146

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Current Totals

as of

December 16, 2014

Grand Total:      $228,718.64

2014 Donations:  $54,499.00

2013 Donations:  $67,947.00

2012 Donations:  $56,420.78

2011 Donations:  $49,851.86


To help with the continuing efforts of raising money for the construction and building costs of the Training Center, we are selling personalized engraved bricks.  These bricks will be placed in front of The Training Center. 

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Forever be part of the legacy of the International Tang Soo Do Federation Training Center by donating personalized bricks.  


We require a minimum $95 donation per brick.  However, we graciously welcome larger donations.  More than one brick may be purchased for donation.  Your brick is not guaranteed until your donation has been received, at which time you will receive a confirmation.  


  • Fill out the form below.  

  • If you are donating more than one brick, a separate form must be submitted for each brick.

  • If purchasing more than one brick, note that bricks will be placed at random.  When creating your personalized engraved bricks, please keep that in mind.  

  • After you submit your form, you will receive two emails.  One email will be a confirmation that you submitted your form successfully.  The second email will be a copy of your order form.  Please note these two emails DO NOT confirm payment. 

  • The International Tang Soo Do Federation will contact you to verify your personalized brick information and for payment information.

  • After your donation payment has been received, you will receive another email confirming the donation of your personalized engraved brick.   

  • Each brick allows for 3 lines of text.  

  • Each line allows 16 characters, including spaces.  

  • Text will be automatically centered.


Due to limited space, we can only offer 400 bricks.
Make your donation now and become a part of the legacy of The International Tang Soo Do Federation Training Center forever!

Please verify that the information you have typed in the lines is exactly how you would like for it to appear on your personalized engraved brick.  Once you have submitted your form, any changes can not be made.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Contact the ITF Headquarters at 412-373-8666 or email us at info@itftangsoodo.com.


The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ benefitting the International Tang Soo Do Federation Training Center would like to acknowledge all those individuals, businesses, and corporate sponsors for their generous donations and contributions in making Master Chun Sik Kim's dream become a reality.  We will continuously provide updates and progress on the development of the International Tang Soo Do Federation Training Center.


2014 Donations & Contributions


DECEMBER 16, 2014

2013 Donations & Contributions


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