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The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ World Championship is a four day experience that includes a Tournament, Seminars, Dan Promotion Tests, Recertification Tests and an Awards Dinner.  International Tang Soo Do Federation members throughout the world come together during this exciting time to gain more knowledge and practice authentic Tang Soo Do, both physically and mentally.   


In 2023 the Federation is excited to be holding its 17th World Championship in Washington, D.C., United States.  



Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H Street NW
Washington, D.C., 20001 United States
+1 (202) 582-1234

*All Events, Seminars and Testings will be held at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel. 
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JULY 27TH - JULY 30TH, 2023


Hall of Fame award

2023 Man of the Year
Master Derek DePaolis
 Synergy Martial Arts
Odenton, MD USA


PTSDA Karate
Pensacola, FL

Grand Champions

Master's Forms
Master Elizabeth Lindsay
CS Kim Karate - North Huntingdon
North Huntingdon, PA USA

Black Belt Forms
Stephen Marvel
Eastern Shore Tang Soo Do
Chestertown, MD USA

Black Belt Junior Forms
Hanna Sackett
CS Kim Karate - Sarver
Sarver, PA USA

Black Belt Women's Sparring
Su Young Kim
Synergy Martial Arts
Odenton, MD USA

Black Belt Men's Sparring
Ezekiel Bentley
Flushing Karate
Flushing, MI USA

Team Competitions

Black Belt Team Forms
Team White Oak PA
Coach Master John Nigro
Zach Mullings
Evan Yocca

Ryan Thielet

Black Belt Junior Team Forms
Team White Oak PA
Coach Master John Nigro
Nico Pettinato
Ryan Swauger
Alec Thielet

Black Belt Men's Team Sparring
Team Michigan
Coach Master Jerry Dollinger
Christopher Bardzilowski
Ezekiel Bentley
Scott Smith

Black Belt Women's Team Sparring
Team Michigan
Coach Ezekiel Bentley
Olivia Ferro
Katrina Bentley
Bethany Wares

17th ITF World Championship

After the

Message from Choong Jae Nim

"First, I hope you and your families had a safe trip back home after the 17th World Championship.  I want to sincerely thank you all for attending our World Championship.    Because of the hard work you put in, both mentally and physically, I want to congratulate you.  Regardless if you left with or without a trophy or medal, you should be proud of yourselves for your effort, your dedication and the respect you have for this authentic martial art.  We gain so much more than awards when we ALL come together and practice this authentic martial art, Tang Soo Do, that I love so much.  The relationships we build with each other, the knowledge we gain from when we participated in seminars, and the things we learn about ourselves are something that no one can ever take away.  Remember these memories.  Practice what you learned.  Don’t take for granted what you experienced during the 17th World Championship.  Again, thank you all for making this 17th World Championship a success and, I look forward to seeing you again.  Tang Soo!
Your Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim"


Message from Technical Advisory Committee Chairman Master Yong D. Kim

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