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Panama City, PANAMA: Masters Promotion, Seminar, Kyo Sa Test and Black Belt Test
Posted May 7, 2024

On April 28, 2024, ITF Panama held their Masters Promotion, Seminar, Kyo Sa Test and Black Belt Test.  ITF would like to thank Master Chris DuFour, Technical Advisory Committee Secretary, for traveling to Panama and giving his support.  Choong Jae Nim is happy that the ITF Panama members experienced such an informative and stimulating  seminar with Master DuFour's great Tang Soo Do spirit and philosophy.  ITF would also like to thank Master Robolt and ITF Panama for holding this event and for continuing to demonstrate their hard work and efforts.  

Training Together for Consistency
Posted January 9, 2024

On January 5th, 2024 several Michigan masters, including Technical Advisory Committee members Master Mike Cerrito and Master Jeremy Dollinger, trained together at Master Anthony Husted's school.  Their goal was to maintain consistency at different schools so not only can they practice the same way, but also teach their students the same way.  Striving to continue the authentic Tang Soo Do teachings that Choong Jae Nim promotes, strengthens these Masters' skills and their ability to instruct others the same.  Congratulations and Tang Soo!

1-6-24 Michigan Masters Training.jpg
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