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Founded in 1984, the Federation was formed by Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim to maintain the high standards of authentic Tang Soo Do. Teaching this martial art in its original form gave much needed roots to many thousands of Tang Soo Do practitioners world-wide. To achieve this goal, Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim has devoted a lifetime of training to create a standardization of instruction. With unending dedication, time and patience, Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim has insured the continued peace and harmony of traditional Tang Soo Do.
Our Philosophy

The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ is an organization of martial artists who dedicate their lives preserving the authenticity of Tang Soo Do.  Like a family, the federation and its members teach and learn from each other to be respectful, honest and patient.  The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ focuses not only on physical ability, but also places heavy emphasis on spiritual improvement.  Through the strength in our discipline, we strive to spread these authentic Tang Soo Do teachings globally.  

Certifications and Standards

Along with Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim, an appointed Board of Directors and a Technical Advisory Committee work together to ensure a program of guidelines and standards are implemented.  Each appointed member is a master of superb proficiency.  The standardization includes the technical elements of Tang Soo Do and the methods of instruction by each registered and certified International Tang Soo Do Federation™ Kyo Sa Nim (instructor) world-wide.  This consistency allows students to easily train at any International Tang Soo Do Federation™ do jang (school) while visiting other regions or cities.  

Do Jang Certification

All International Tang Soo Do Federation, Inc. schools proudly display a Do Jang Certificate that validates they are a member of this authentic Tang Soo Do organization.  This certificate sets their school apart from those who may belong to another federation.  The International Tang Soo Do Federation, Inc. diligently ensures that all of its members maintain the authentic teachings of Tang Soo Do that the ITF strongly believes in.  


The ancient martial art of Tang Soo Do can be traced back as far as when Korea was divided into three kingdoms: Koguryo Dynasty, Silla Dynasty, and Paekche Dynasty. This era lasted from 57 BC to 935 AD. Tang Soo Do was commonly used as a way of self-defense in warfare as evidenced by many ancient paintings and artifacts. Out of the three dynasties, the Silla Dynasty was said to have developed Tang Soo Do the most. However, when the Japanese occupation began in 1909, practicing any form of Korean martial arts or cultural activities was banned. After the occupation was over in 1945, many Tang Soo Do schools began to appear throughout Korea. Today, the authentic Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do is practiced throughout the world.  

10 Articles of Faith

The ten articles of faith are a list of principles that Tang Soo Do practitioners strive to follow.  These ethics stem from an elite group of warriors, called the Hwa Rang, created during the Silla Dynasty in 6th century AD in Korea.

  1. Be loyal to your country.

  2. Be obedient to your parents.

  3. Be loving between husband and wife.

  4. Be cooperative between brothers.

  5. Be faithful between friends.

  6. Be respectful to your elders.

  7. Be faithful between teacher and student.

  8. Know the difference between good and evil.

  9. Never retreat in battle.

  10. Always finish what you start.

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