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Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim began his training in Tang Soo Do when he was 8 years old in Busan, South Korea.  After much determination and under Grandmaster Young Suk’s tutelage, he earned his black belt two years later.  Knowing he wanted to dedicate his life to spreading the teachings of this authentic martial art, Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim began teaching Tang Soo Do in Songtan City, South Korea and at the Osan Air Force Base, South Korea in 1967.  During this time, he received several invitations from various instructors, including Supreme Grandmaster Hwang Ki, to come to the United States to help spread the traditions of Tang Soo Do.  In May 1972, Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim immigrated to New Jersey under the sponsorship of Grandmaster Shin, also an instructor at the Osan Air Force Base.  After relocating to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim formed the International Tang Soo Do Federation™ to continue his goal of spreading the authentic Tang Soo Do teachings he learned when he was a child.  

Illustrated Biography of Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim

Over twenty covers and features in National and International publications

Korean Team Captain, 5th Asian Karate Tournament - Malaysia, 1969

Korean Heavyweight Champion, 1st World Karate Championships - Japan, 1970

Head Instructor of U.S. servicemen at the Osan Military Base in South Korea

U.S. Team Coach, 1980

All American Hall of Fame, 1988

President and Founder of the International Tang Soo Do Federation™

Black Belt Magazine Man of the Year Hall of Fame, 1995

Author of "Authentic Tang Soo Do," 1988

Produced extensive authentic Tang Soo Do tutorials

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Choong Jae Nim's Philosophy Corner

"Thank you" ... "Appreciate"

Are you practicing and teaching your students to "appreciate" and say “thank you” more than kicking and punching?  Kicking and punching is not a way of life.  Sit down and reflect on past years.  Think about who has done wonderful things for you.  How many people have tried to help you?  Many people teach kicking, punching, breaking boards, fighting, etc.  Anyone can teach that.  However, that will not last forever.  What will stay with us forever?  Knowing to appreciate others and say, “Thank you” are values that can help you be a good human being.  It can bring harmony within your family.  That is one of the many reasons why I love this authentic Tang Soo Do. I appreciate every International Tang Soo Do Federation school owner, master and member whom I often observe showing gratitude.  I have seen many positive changes in people who practice this philosophy.  Their businesses and lifestyles are elevated because of their attitude.

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