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Mexico Choong Jae Nim Cup Championship

Posted November 1, 2019

5th European Championships

Posted August 8, 2019

August 8, 2019 - On July 26 - 28, 2019, the 5th European Championships took place in the beautiful Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.  Congratulations to Master Wynford Williams and Master Richard Hellings for organizing a successful ITF European Championships.  Their hard work and dedication not only to the ITF, but also to their students and families shows how much Tang Soo Do spirit they have. 


Thanks also go to all the students and their families who traveled from Germany, Portugal, the United States of America and elsewhere.  ITF would also like to express their gratitude to Masters Annette Salles and Cristina Costa for their unselfish support and dedication. 

Special thank you goes to Masters Y. D. Kim (Chairman of the ITF Technical Advisory Committee), Joseph Bruno (General Secretary of ITF), Chris DuFour (Secretary of the ITF Technical Advisory Committee), Edwin Shakoske and Kerry Roudebush as they were ITF Technical Members representing the USA and assisting our Grandmaster C. S. Kim with the weekend events.  

Hopefully everyone built lasting relationships with our ITF family and took back with them great memories.


Photos courtesy of Gwyneth Jones

Regional Spring Masters and Black Belts Examinations and Recertifications

Posted April 17, 2019

written by Master Chris DuFour, Technical Advisory Committee Secretary

April 13, 2019 - A BIG congratulations to all the International Tang Soo Do Federation students that attended the Spring Black Belt Examination in Pensacola, FL!  Everyone did a wonderful job and displayed good Tang Soo spirit.  A special thank you to Master Y.D. Kim, Technical Advisory Committee Chairman (TX), Master Brown (GA), Master & Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy (LA), Master Joiner (AL), Master Adele Gibson (FL), Master Ince (TX), Kyo Sa Nim Dufour (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Vallad (MI), Kyo Sa Nim & Mrs. Mouallem (TX) for making the day run smoothly. The event was successful as a result of their professionalism, teamwork and dedication.  We couldn’t have done it without you.


An extra special thank you to Mr. Richardson and Marcus Pointe Baptist Church for allowing us to hold our event at their beautiful facility.   Make plans now to be in attendance at the Fall Black Belt Examination in Texas.  Stay tuned for more details.

Photos courtesy of Master Chris DuFour


(1st row - left to right) Master Ince (TX), Master Joiner (AL), Master Brown (GA), Master Y. D. Kim (TX), Master DuFour (FL), Master Kennedy (LA), Master Adele Gibson (FL)

(2nd row – left to right) Kyo Sa Nim Vallad (MI), Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy (LA), Master Richard Gibson (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Mouallem (TX), Kyo Sa Nim Nim Penson (TX), Kyo Sa Nim Harman (TX), Kyo Sa Nim DuFour (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Kiliszewski (TX)

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