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European Championship and Seminars

Posted November 25, 2015


"Congratulations Chief Instructor Master Wynford Williams.  Thank you for your spirit and your concern for all European area schools and students.  The International Tang Soo Do Federation appreciates host Master Cristina Costa and Dr. Jorge Costa.  With you being this year's host, this European Championship was very successful with excellent recertification and black belt test.  I hope all the members continue to keep their wonderful spirit and attitude forever.  I wish I was there to join you.  I look forward to seeing you at the next European Championship."


- Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim

President and Founder of The International Tang Soo Do Federation


"Congratulations to Masters Cristina Costa and Annette Salles on your 5th/O-Dan promotion.  Thank you, Master Cristina Costa, for the great hospitality and hosting the Gup, Black Belt, and Masters seminars as well as the well organized tournament.  Special thank you and appreciation to Masters Wynford Williams, Richard Hellings, and Annette Salles for your support.  ."


- Master Y. D. Kim

Technical Advisory Committee Chairman




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CS Kim Karate Inter-School Tournament

Posted November 12, 2015


"Thank you to all C. S. Kim Karate schools' instructors for all your assistance with the November 7th Inter-School Tournament.  Thank you also to all the parents and friends in attendance – we truly appreciate your support.  I would especially like to thank our out-of-town participants for travelling to this event.  And, finally, thank you and congratulations to all of the participants!  This Inter-school Tournament helps generate a lot of enthusiasm for our Training Center fundraising.


I hope all the participants take the enthusiasm and confidence from the tournament back to your schools and continue to train hard.  We are looking forward to the National Championship in May and the World Championship beyond that."


- Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim



Congratulations to New 7th Dans
Master Dean Kelly, Sr. and Master Norman Stern


Congratulations to New 5th Dans

Master Mark Pagano and Master Derek DePaolis





















Congratulations to our newest Masters promoted to 4th Dan!

I want you to set new goals to achieve 5th Dan and up! 

Master Jay Nagel

Master Mark Ford

Master Taylor Manalo

Junior Master Raymond Toncich (Not Pictured)

Junior Master Emily Manalo

Junior Master Jacob Diller

Congratulations to all of the Masters promoted at the 11/7/15 Inter-school Tournament in Monroeville, PA!

On Saturday, August 15th, 2015, a seminar was held for all belts at Master Mark Wituk's school, Wituk Martial Arts, in Batavia, Illinois.  The seminar was conducted by Technical Advisory Committee member Master Kerry Roudebush of C. S. Kim Karate - Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The seminar was filled with enthusiasm and excitement as the students enjoyed Master Roudebush's patience and knowledge.  



Seminar: Wituk Martial Arts

Posted September 3, 2015


Special note of CONGRATULATIONS go to Master Adrian Mendieta Lozada and Master Y. D. Kim for being promoted to P'al Dan (8th Dan)!  




Posted August 30, 2015


During the 29th International Tang Soo Do Federation Masters, School Owners and Black Belts Seminars that were held on July 17th and 18th, 2015, Masters Examinations and Recertifications also took place.  Congratulations to all Masters who were promoted.  A list of promoted Masters can be found on the Dan Classing Championship Results list page.  A Masters Promotion Ceremony will be held November 7, 2015 at Boyce Community College, Monroeville, PA.  



Masters Promotions

Posted August 26, 2015


29th International Tang Soo Do Federation Masters, School Owners and Black Belts Seminars 

Posted July 31, 2015


The 29th International Tang Soo Do Federation Masters, School Owners and Black Belts Seminars were held on July 17th and 18th, 2015 in Monroeville, PA.  Masters, School Owners and Black Belts from varying states and countries attended the two day event which included Il Soo Sik, Ho Sin Sul, Self Defense, Judge + Referee Clinic + Certification, School Operations + Business Seminars, Receritification for 4th Dan + Higher and Masters Testing.  


Below are a few words from Choong Jae Nim regarding the event.


"Congratulations to all those who attended the 29th International Tang Soo Do Federation Masters, School Owners and Black Belt Seminars.  The two day event finished successfully.  Thank you to Vice President Bu Choong Jae Nim Joe Goss, Sr. and General Secretary Master Joe Bruno for your hard work.  In addition, I would like to thank the Technical Advisory Committee Chairman Master Y. D. Kim and all of its members for their efforts and diligence.  I received many phone calls from people who attended the seminars thanking the Technical Advisory Committee.  


These seminars were a wonderful opportunity for all Masters, School Owners and Black Belts from different parts of the country and the world to reunite.  I was happy to see so many from different parts coming together and practicing this authentic Tang Soo Do.  I saw many teaching each other and learning from other.  


I would also like to point out that given our busy schedules, we can often lose track of what our goals are.  We can get caught up in the little things.  I feel as though I got a little lost in my goal, which has always been promoting and maintaining authentic Tang Soo Do.  I would like to say THANK YOU to all those who attended the Seminars because you helped me to find my way again and rebuild my dream of making this authentic Tang Soo Do the best that it can be - a dream that I had back in 1972.  I humbly thank you all."


Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim

President and Founder 

International Tang Soo Do Federation, Inc. 



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3rd Choong Jae Nim Cup Championship - MEXICO

Posted July 8, 2015


The 3rd Choong Jae Nim Cup Championship took place in Puebla, Puebla MEXICO on June 26th and June 27th.  The Championship was sponsored by Chief Instructor Master Adrian Mendieta Lozada.  Much gratitude goes to all of the Mexico masters, instructors, students and families for their warm welcome to Choong Jae Nim C. S. Kim, Master Joe Bruno (ITF General Secretary), Master Y. D. Kim (Technical Advisory Committee Chairman) and Kyo Sa Nim William Ince (The Woodlands, TX) who travelled in support of the seminars, championship and black belt examination.  Congratulations to Master Adrian Mendieta for receiving the Hall of Fame Award in Mexico.  


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ITF Training Center Fundraising Tournament - FLORIDA

Posted June 23, 2015


On Saturday, June 20, 2015, "International Tang Soo Do Federation Masters, Black Belts and Students from Texas, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama travelled to Pensacola, Florida for an exciting Fundraising Tournament. "Everyone gave their best and displayed wonderful Tang Soo spirit at the championship," said tournament host Master DuFour. There was a great sense of teamwork among not just the Masters and Black Belts, but also the competitors and parents. ITF Chairman, Master Y. D. Kim, was also in attendance and showed great support and leadership at the event. His presence was greatly appreciated by all. All proceeds from the event go to the building of our future ITF Training Center in Arlington, Texas."


Master Chris DuFour

Secretary, ITF Technical Advisory Committee



Link below is to video footage of the event



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Technical Advisory Committee Meeting and Training

Posted June 11, 2015


On Friday - Saturday, May 29th and May 30th, members of the Technical Advisory Committee met in Odenton, Maryland.  Graciously hosted by Master Derek DePaolis of Synergy Martial Arts, TAC members trained together in preparation of the upcoming July Masters, Instructors and Black Belt Seminar to be held in Pittsburgh, PA.  A special thank you goes to Master DePaolis for allowing the ITF Technical Advisory Committee to use his school for the meeting and training.  


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Black Belt Examinations Held at Ince Karate in The Woodlands, Texas  

Posted May 6, 2015


On Saturday, May 2nd, Kyo Sa Nims William and Yennie Ince hosted Black Belt Examinations.  In attendance were the following Masters and some of their students: Technical Advisory Committee Chairman Master Y. D. Kim from Arlington, TX, Technical Advisory Committee Secretary Master Chris DuFour from Pensacola, FL, Master Rick Garwood from Watauga, TX and Master Sean Kennedy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  There was great enthusiasm and Tang Soo Do spirit from everyone from all over Texas, Florida and Louisiana.  Special thanks to the hosts Kyo Sa Nim William and Yennie Ince for hosting the Black Belt Examinations.  


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Photos courtesy of Central Karate

Choong Jae Nim Visits D.J. Studios in Philipsburg, PA  

Posted May 4, 2015


On Saturday, April 18th, 2015, Choong Jae Nim along with General Secretary Master Joe Bruno, Technical Advisory Committee members Masters Patrick Leach and Robert Venturino paid a special visit to Masters Cathy and David Josefik and their students at their school D.J. Studios in Philipsburg, PA.  While there, they had a very good training and practice session with everyone.  Both Masters Cathy and David Josefik worked so hard and showed a lot of great spirit and attitude.  Choong Jae Nim was very impressed with this.  


Below is a letter Choong Jae Nim received from a student who participated in this special training session.  He was very thankful and happy to receive this letter.

Please click on the image to the right to read the letter.    


Pensacola, Florida Biannual Beach Training!

Posted April 22, 2015


"Pensacola, Florida - The PTSDA Karate recently hosted their exciting biannual Beach Training on the beautiful white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. Students trained hard for an hour an half under the direction of Sa Bom Nim DuFour. 

Sa Bom Nim Taylor (LA), Kyo Sa Nim Taylor (LA), Sa Bom Nim Barker (LA) along with their students from Zachary Karate and Central Karate expressed their enjoyment of the challenging training and warm fellowship. The PTSDA Karate will be hosting another Beach Training on September 19th. All ITF members are welcome to attend and be apart of the free family friendly event. For further details, please contact Sa Bom Nim DuFour at or 850-478-0680."


Master Chris DuFour

Technical Advisory Committee Secretary

Click on the link below to see Beach Training Footage:

ITF Training Center Fundraising Seminar for Black Belts and Gup Belts

Posted March 6, 2015


Kyo Sa Nim William Ince and Kyo Sa Nim Yennie Ince of Ince Karate successfully hosted an ITF Training Center Fundraising Seminar for Black Belts and Gup Belts on Saturday, February 28th.  Technical Advisory Committee Secretary Master Chris Dufour of Florida, Master Sean Kennedy, Master Ivan Nevels, and Master Andrew Barker of Louisiana travelled to The Woodlands, TX to attend and show their support.  Please continue reading to hear what Kyo Sa Nim William Ince and others had to say about the hard work of those who organized and attended the seminar.



"Tang Soo to all ITF Masters, Instructors, Members and Families!


My name is William Ince and I am blessed to own and operate Ince Karate in The Woodlands, Texas together with my wife Yennie Ince.  This past Saturday we hosted an ITF training seminar and we could not be more pleased with the energy, enthusiasm, and the overwhelming Tang Soo Do Spirit that filled our Dojang.  Although the lousy weather in the Dallas area prevented Master Y.D. Kim and some of his students from attending, all that were able to make it knew that he and Choong Jae Nim were with us in Spirit.  I want to thank Choong Jae Nim and Master Y.D. Kim for helping us to arrange the clinics.  I want to send a special thank you to Master DuFour for traveling so far and then orchestrating the entire event! I also want to thank all the Masters, Instructors, Students and Families that all contributed to make it the wonderful event that it turned out to be!  Looking forward to more events like it soon!"


Kyo Sa Nim William Ince

Ince Karate - The Woodlands, TX



"Ince Karate hosted an exciting ITF Fundraising Seminar that was enjoyed by all participants.   Kyo Sa Nim 's William and Yennie Ince were such wonderful hosts.  They demonstrated wonderful Tang Soo Do spirit and made everyone feel welcome.  Their attention to detail made the event run smoothly and enjoyed by all.  Master Kennedy (La), Master Taylor (La), Master Nevals (La), Master Barker (La) along with other Black Belts from various states were in attendance to show support and assist with teaching the seminars.  Everyone expressed that they can't wait for the next ITF event to get together to train, learn and fellowship together."


Master Chris DuFour

Technical Advisory Committee Secretary




"This event was filled with lot of energy and great Tang Soo Do spirit. All who participated left with Big smiles.  Tang Soo to all who worked hard and keep training."


Master Ivan Nevels

Central Karate - Baton Rouge, LA





Link below is video footage courtesy of Mrs. Lauren Kennedy.

European Championship, Testing and Seminar: Germany 2015

Posted February 26, 2015


On February 13 - 15, 2015, Master Annette Salles in Germany successfully hosted the European Championship, Testing and Seminar.  In addition to many masters, school owners, students and families, Master YD Kim (Technical Advisory Committee Chairman), Master Wynford Williams (President and Chief Instructor United Kingdom), Master Richard Hellings (Vice President United Kingdom) and Master Cristina Costa (Chief Instructor Portugal) attended this special event. 


Continue reading to hear what Masters YD Kim, Wynford Williams and Annette Salles had to say about the weekend.




"Fantastic attendance, excellent Tang Soo Do spirit, great learning experiences – and the amazing support by Sa Bom Nims Y.D. Kim, Williams, Hellings, Costa, and Matias made this the most memorable Tang Soo Do event our small city of Beilstein has ever seen!


An army of volunteers provided transport for 50 Welsh participants from the airport to various hotels and again between hotels and the gymnasium in Beilstein. Portuguese masters, instructors, and students made their own way (some taking an arduous 24-hour road trip) and were provided camp-style accommodations in the gym. Prior to testing on Friday evening, we were treated to hot tea and snacks by the Boy Scouts of Beilstein on our hike to the gym. And thanks to an examination board of five masters, Dan and Kyo Sa testing proceeded smoothly and provided the basis for the Dan seminar on Saturday.


Active participants competed on Valentine’s Day in various categories, many of whom took part in their very first international tournament. Master Hellings’ excellent scheduling and categorization optimized everyone’s chances and provided fair matches, conducted by ITF-certified judges who welcomed the opportunity to practice their skills. Beginning with Dan Hyung and Bong Hyung gave the Gup students something to strive for and the audience some excellent examples of what can be achieved with consistent practice and discipline. What motivational impulse for all those students who are unable to travel to far-away World Championships! And by the responses of students, parents, and judges to the occasional disappointment of not medaling or not showing all their potential, you could also observe the value of perseverance being reinforced. Once again it became evident that the practice of Tang Soo Do teaches so much more than physical skills and that our Tang Soo Do family embraces us world-wide.

With much enthusiasm after an already long day, Master Y.D. Kim then conducted a seminar for all Dans and high ranking adult Gup students. Two interesting hours filled with standards, explanations, and practice to resolve differences and clear up questions – thank you for your patience, Sa Bom Nim! This in turn enabled the instructors to become multipliers for next day’s Gup seminars, but not before we shared dinner at a local restaurant – all 100 of us together!


Unfortunately for us, Master Kim had to leave early on Sunday morning, but we are nonetheless so very grateful that he made this strenuous trip to support our European ITF schools, to lend an ear to our concerns and to represent Choong Jae Nim and the ITF Technical Advisory Committee at this Championship.

Masters Williams and Hellings led the Gup seminars on Sunday, supported by instructors and Dan students, leaving all Tang Soo Do practitioners excited and motivated to train harder and achieve greater understanding.


Thank you to Choong Jae Nim, Masters Y.D. Kim, Williams, Hellings, and Costa for your incredible support!"


Master Annette Salles

Chief Instructor Germany



"As Technical Advisory Committee Chairman, I was very pleased and delighted to see such strong support and Tang Soo spirit from all the students, family members, and naturally the instructors in Europe.  This was a very successful event in which I forsee continued growth and recognition throughout the European Tang Soo Do community.  Thank you again Master Salles and the ITF Germany for hosting the weekend long events.  I would also like to acknowledge Masters Wynford Williams, Richard Hellings, and Cristina Costa for their selfless efforts.  Tang soo!"


Master Y.D. Kim
International Tang Soo Do Federation Technical Advisory Committee Chairman



"The championship was in the eyes of all the participants a massive success, for many it was their first championship so it was pleasing to see such a positive reaction. The success was due to many factors, the organisation skill of Master Richard Hellings in creating and running the categories, the total commitment of Master Salles her students and her helpers, the support given by Master Costa and her students succeeding through the trials of broken transport.  The UK students had a wonderful time as witnessed by Facebook and are now looking forward to the next championship. Lastly a big thank you to Master Y D Kim for his support, we recognise his commitment in coming so far as we have travelled that journey many times. TANG SOO !!"


Master Wynford Williams

Chief Instructor and President United Kingdom

ITF Masters and Black Belt Weekend Event: Florida

Posted January 27, 2015


Pensacola Tang Soo Do Academy (FL) recently hosted an ITF Masters and Black Belt weekend event.  Master Dufour thoroughly enjoyed having Master Brown (Ga), Master Shakoske (NC), Master Kennedy (La), Master Harbison (MS), Master Joiner (AL) as well as other Black Belts at the event. They had a great weekend of Black Belt Testing, Seminar, School Owner Round Table and Banquet. Everyone expressed they are looking forward to the next one!


Tang Soo! 

Click on the image below to watch a dynamic video of the highlights from the Masters and Black Belt Weekend Event!

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