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International Tang Soo Do Federation Masters and Black Belts Seminar and Examinations

Posted October 17, 2018

October 6 - 7, 2018 - The Masters and Black Belt Seminar was held at the Community College of Boyce Campus in Monroeville, PA on Saturday, October 6th.  The seminar began at 9:00am with both Masters, Instructors, and Black Belts participating together.  The participants were well represented by ITF members throughout the U.S.  Some traveled as far as Texas, Florida, and Michigan as well as other neighboring states.  


The seminar began with a focus on safety emphasized by proper fall and sweeps as practiced in our Self-Defense (Ho Sin Sul) and One-Step Sparring (Il Soo Sik).  This was instructed by one of the Technical Advisory Committee Members,  Master Edwin Shakoske.  In addition to the Ho Sin Sul and Il Soo Sik reviews, many also learned the newly required Three-Step Sparring (Sam Soo Sik) for the Sam Dan requirements.


The afternoon seminar consisted of focusing on the participants' high forms (Hyung), including Bong forms, then ending with a good review of Tang Soo Do Basic fundamentals with Choong Jae Nim.  Immediately following the seminars, several Masters continued the night with their Recertifications.  


The weekend long event ended with Black Belts and Masters examinations on Sunday, October 7th.  The examinations saw several 5th and 6th Dans testing.


The next Masters and Black Belt Seminar will be held in the Spring of 2019 with the location and date to be announced at a future date.  

Photos courtesy of Master Elizabeth Lindsay

Choong Jae Nim demonstrates the meaning of pyong ahn.

Choong Jae Nim holds Mr. Christian Johns' shoulders to demonstrate how the shoulders should be square when doing outside inside block.

Master David Crane practicing take down self-defense training.

Choong Jae Nim demonstrates Ho-Sin-Sul left hand reverse punch technique.

Technical Advisory Committee member, Master Kerry Roudebush, demonstrates balance and focus.

Master Chelsi Tedeschi practicing Black Belt bong hyung.

Master Tom Cegan practicing Ho-Sin-Sul take down technique.

ITF Seminar and Testing - Atlanta, Georgia

Posted October 1, 2018

September 21-22, 2018 - "Master Brown recently hosted his annual ITF Seminar and Testing in Atlanta, Georgia.  Technical Advisory Committee members Master DuFour (FL), Master Shakoske (NC) along with Master Kennedy (LA), Kyo Sa Nim Terri DuFour (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Nanette Penson (TX) and Kyo Sa Nim Lauren Kennedy (LA) were in attendance to show support at his event.


Friday evening, the Masters and Black Belts went through their advanced requirements.  On Saturday, the Gup level students tested in the morning.  Each student demonstrated excellent Tang Soo spirit and attitude.  Master Brown’s hard work and dedication was evident in the quality of his students. 

Following the testing, the guest Instructors assisted the students with the technical areas that needed attention.  Everyone went away from the event with a feeling of community and improvement.  Master Brown hosts his annual event in September.  If your schedule allows, he would enjoy having you be in attendance next year. Check the ITF website for updates."

Master Chris DuFour

Technical Advisory Committee General Secretary


(From left to right) Kyo Sa Nim Nanette Penson, Master Ed Shakoske, Master Chris DuFour (Technical Advisory Committee General Secretary), Master LaBaron Brown, Master Sean Kennedy, Kyo Sa Nim Terri DuFour, Kyo Sa Nim Lauren Kennedy

Regional Spring Black Belt Test - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Posted March 26, 2018


March 24, 2018 – Spring Black Belt Examinations were held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which the following schools participated: Y. D. Kim Karate (Arlington, TX), Pensacola Tang Soo Do Academy (Pensacola, FL), Central Karate (Baton Rouge, LA), Ince Karate (The Woodlands, TX) and Momentum Karate and Fitness (The Woodlands, TX).  Special thanks to Master Sean Kennedy and Central Karate for hosting the examinations.  

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

Posted March 7, 2018


March 2-3, 2018 – The International Tang Soo Do Federation held its Technical Advisory Committee meeting at the ITF Headquarters in Monroeville, PA.  Committee members trained and practiced with Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim in preparation for the upcoming World Championships to be held in Washington, D. C.

Master Ed Shakoske, Master Robert Venturino, Master Mark Pagano, Master Mike Cerritos, Master Dean Kelly,

Master Chris DuFour (Technical Advisory Committee Secretary), Master Kerry Roudebush

Master Joseph Bruno (ITF General Secretary), Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim, Master Y. D. Kim (Technical Advisory Committee Chairman)

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